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Wellivo Metabolic Wellness Programme:

Wellivo Metabolic Wellness Programme : relaxation wellness happiness

Longevity Life Rejuvenation & Anti-Ageing

About Programme


What to expect ?

  • Indulgence in a total body rejuvenation programme, comprising of detailed diagnostics and therapeutics, in a quiet and sumptuous wellness centre setting
  • You are completely addressed in terms of your personal health status, from imbalances and risk factors, lifestyle and holistic strategies to slow ageing
  • A boost in your immune system defences, increased vitality and improved overall health with highly effective detoxification and cellular regeneration therapies
  • A feeling of being lighter and refreshed with an absolute burst of energy to jump to the next step of life
  • Disease prevention and enhanced quality of life with one of its kind 360° rejuvenation and wellness programme.

Need for this Programme

My Wellivo concept addresses the Holistic , physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of health. Our body is a complex set of systems which rely on one another to ensure good health. When these areas are not in balance or are in direct conflict with each other, it’s more difficult for healing to occur.

Relaxation is essential for our body’s natural healing state. The more time you spend in relaxation, the more time the body is actively healing. Stress can block healing responses in the body and make healing more difficult to occur, as your body will be focused on surviving, not thriving.

Our concept uses the most comprehensive and effective treatment protocols to help you find the right balance in your physical health, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Our goal is to help you achieve the necessary lifestyle changes to support your healing journey. This is not only achieved by the unique healing environment created by Wellivo but also by bodywork, individual counseling and educational classes.

Foundation Principle

Designed for restoration of the capacity of the body to overcome damage caused by microbial attack. This program focuses on the following foundational principles:

  • Re-establishment of a healthy immune response.
  • Optimization of the cellular terrain.
  • Lowering the overall microbial load.
  • Repairing cell signalling.
  • Repairing damage to organs, nerves and other cellular structures.
  • Reverseing cumulative damage caused by genetic mutations.

If our immune system works in a coordinated way, it makes our body get rid of all the invading infections. Every breath we take is filled with microbes, but thanks to our immune system we stay healthy normally.

Life style, stress, poor diet, and microbes can alter our cellular functions depriving them of the nutrients they require to repair themselves. By optimising or repairing cellular functions it becomes very difficult for microbes to take over and damage them. By stimulating the cell’s own antimicrobial functions and giving known, natural antimicrobials, immune system’s microbial load can be shed.

Cell therapy has a systemic effect to reset and re-regulate the cell signaling. Cell therapy, especially with stem cells, has the ability to repair and restore. Stem cells can replace tissue that has been damaged and repair organ structures. We can’t fix bad genes, but we can help repair the cumulative damage. Often, genetic mutation impairs a certain function within the cell e.g. the ability to detox. In time, the accumulation of toxins causes damage. Reversing the accumulative damage, does not correct the genetic dysfunction but it can alleviate the symptoms and reset the situation.

About Us


$ 10,000
7 nights stay at hotel
Free Relaxation Area
Detox Supplements
Herbal Tea Supplements
Luxury Package
$ 7,000
7 nights stay at hotel
Low Calorie Meal Plan
Detox Supplements
Herbal Tea Supplements

Package Inclusions

  • Accommodation for a 7 nights stay at a Luxury Hotel
  • Standard Healthy & Tasty Low Calorie Meal Plan – up to 5 Meals a day
  • Liquid Diet (detoxifying & anti-inflammatory shakes, juices and soups), subject to doctor’s approval
  • Daily supply of Alkaline Water 9.5pH, Herbal Teas and Detox Supplements
  • Access to the Relaxation Area (Sauna, Turkish bath, Fitness Area)
  • Access to the Longevity Vitality Plan daily group activities - examples: SLIM CIRCUIT (Burn It, Aqua Boost, , Power Hike, Shape It ), Fitball, Yoga, Stretching

Message From Founder

Rodney Stratton

Prabhu Mishra

CEO & Co-Founder StemGenn Therapeutics
It is a great honor to continue to serve as Director of the CosmoStem Institute Of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine Program. I am excited to share some of the program’s successes and our vision for the coming year. The CosmoStem Regenerative Medicine Program continues to become locally significant, but also global in scope and impact. Our mission has always been focused on bringing together forward-thinking scientists and clinicians who are committed to engaging in research that brings regenerative medicine therapies from the bench to the bedside. We look forward to further evolving and adding new faculty, initiatives, and collaborations in the coming year.
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Greater Kailash, New Delhi

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